The Relaunch Post

A month into 2019, after changes, more changes, rewriting, and vascillation, I finally decided to publish my redesigned website.

I had been on my Bootstrap-based website for nearly 18 months, and it was time to refresh. I also looked at it as a great way for me to update my web design skills.

Although it's a fairly simple site - my objective was to build a content-focused site, geared towards writing and posting more regularly. I am a heavy Twitter user, but I want to start to write more in depth about some things I feel stongly about – specifically, startups, products, and tech trends.

So here it is.

TL; DR: Tech stack

  • EleventyJS
  • Lambda functions
  • Vanilla JS (ES6 / Babel)
  • System Fonts & FontFaceObserver
  • Focus on Speed and Accessibility
  • Deployed using Github and Netlify


  • Easy to update and maintain
  • Faster build times
  • PWA & offline availability
  • SEO-friendly

Up next

I want to track my goal of publishing more often and eventually get to wrting a long-form post once a week. Onward and upward. New site