Rishi Athanikar

I’m Rishi. I’m a product lead at Casper Sleep, focused on building delightful customer experiences at the intersection of ecommerce, mobile, and retail.

I love figuring out the "why" with qualitative and quantitative user research.

I aim to help my team (and company) ship the right product to the customers.


As a product manager, I have over 8 years experience building and shipping consumer and technical products.

I relish tackling complexity, and focus on shipping products and solutions that drive a positive outcome for both the end-user and the business.

Previously, I have cofounded a marketplace startup (Beander) that connected green coffee importers in the US with independent roasters.

I've written more about my current and previous work here.

Product Management & I

I believe that great products can do much more than solve problems, but delight and even change habits at times.

I am strongly guided by these product principles —

  • Always start with the customer: Figure out what the customers really need, instead of what you think they need.
    Don't build for yourself – You are not your customer. There are way more of them than there are of you.

  • People don’t buy products. They buy better versions of themselves.
    People don’t buy products because of what those products do, they buy products because of what they imagine they can do with them.

  • Good products rarely begin with technical know-how – they arise from deeply considered solutions to problems.

Product curations

I aim to constantly learn and keep improving as a PM. These are some posts that have made a deep impression on me and guided my path to becoming a better PM.



When I am away from screens, I enjoy exploring different suburbs in the Bay Area — from a cultural and gastronomic perspective. I also am a sports enthusiast, and love volleyball and soccer football. My wife and I are always on the lookout for our next travel destination, with our last adventure being in Italia.